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find the class that moves you.



Spend half of the class

on the Treadmill and the other half at your personal strength station on the floor. Get in that full-

body cardio burn.


Chiseled is a unique, muscle-specific workout that will target your full-body and core. Challenge your strength as you move through the 15 stations. Build that body by adding on weight or push yourself to get one more rep. 

strength & conditioning

Focus on building strength, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle, and cardio endurance.  


This class will test your

cardiovascular and muscle endurance. You'll get in a dose of cardio & strength movements while targeting specific muscle groups. Be prepared for a few unique challenges along the way.


Get to know the boxing basics and then throw up your punches. The class will be spent both on the bag and on the floor, working on your athletic strength and stamina.


Bring your heart rate up, and then slow it down in our Harmony Intensity Interval Training class. No move or equipment is off limits. So never expect the same class twice.

barre sculpt

extreme barre

Ballet meets HIIT in Harmony Barre. For

a more classic Barre experience, you'll want

to try Barre Sculpt . If you're looking for a little spice, give EXTREME BARRE a try.

spinsanity & Rowsanity

Spend half the class on the Spin bike or Rower, instead of the Treadmill.  The other half of class will be spent at your personal strength station on the floor. Get in that full-body cardio burn.

power pilates

Traditional Pilates,

but cranked up a notch. Expect to break a sweat through plank series, push-up series, squats, glute bridges, and more.

body sculpt

Tone and sculpt your body in this Cardio and Aerobic inspired class that will have even your smallest muscles burning.


20 minutes of strength, 20 minutes of cardio, and 20 minutes of toning. That equals 60 minutes of a full body burn.


Metabolic Conditioning. Challenge your cardio in a more nontraditional way (think: rowing, assault bikes, skipping, burpees, and more). 

fit in 30

Non-stop cardio and strength in 30 minutes. We promise 30 minutes will feel like more than enough.


60 minutes of cardio fun! Learn the moves and then follow along to the beat. No dancing experience required.

mom and baby

Bring your little one along (or don't) and get in a Treadsanity inspired workout. 

strength and stretch lite

Get back to basics in

this low-intensity and beginner-friendly strength, stretch, & lite cardio class.


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