When you arrive at the studio, please only show up for class MAX 10 minutes prior. We have spaced out our classes intentionally so that we don't have overlap and bottleneck. Once you've arrived, please abide by the signs and markers laid out. Our front desk staff will also help to organize and manage the flow of people as they enter.


As much as we love to chat and hang out after class, we do ask that you swiftly exit the studio after your session and stretch. We have intentionally spaced out our sessions to ensure only a small number of clients and staff are in the studio at any given time so we appreciate your cooperation here.


During the session, we hope that the experience will feel as "normal" as possible. We will ensure minimal sharing of equipment is had and that each participant feels safe while still getting in that Harmony workout you know and love (and missed).


Cleaning is our top focus. We will be disinfecting following the guidelines laid out in the ______________ guide (linked here). We have a responsibility to keep the space as sterile and safe as possible. This is a responsibility we don't take lightly. Once you arrive back in the studio, you will notice what new measures we have in place.


Our capacities will be smaller and each participant will now have more room/personal space. Spaces will be laid out 6 feet apart and we ask you to maintain that distance throughout the session.

Future of Zoom

We will absolutely continue to Zoom once we're back in the studio. Look out for Zoom options on our schedule and use your package to book in. 

Outdoor Classes

We will absolutely continue to do Park classes once we're back in the studio, for as long as the weather allows us to! Look out for Park options on our schedule and use your package to book in.


We will continue to add pre-recorded classes to our site. They will remain $10.00 a session and once you purchase, it's yours to keep. 


When entering and exiting the studio, we ask that all clients and staff wear a mask. The mask can be removed during sessions but otherwise should remain on.


Exercise gloves are encouraged but not mandatory. We do ask for you to be aware of and minimize the amount of hand-to-face contact that you make during a session.

Showers and Towels

We will suspend access to showers as well as our towel service and encourage our clients to bring their own hand towel for class. If you do not have one or you forget yours, we will be renting them out at the front desk for a small fee.


We will have personal mats for everyone and will always ensure they're sanitized. If you feel more comfortable bringing your own mat, we are okay with that as well.

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