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How to Manage your Maskne...

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Maskne has become the newest hindrance to our skin. And for some, it can be a constant struggle. If you're not familiar with it, maskne is acne that forms in the specific areas where your mask makes contact with your skin. The warm and moist environment caused by breathing, talking, and the constant friction creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria... that has nowhere to go but in our pores :(

How can you avoid Maskne?

1. Your Mask

First, remember to wash your mask after every use. Secondly, consider the type of mask you are using. Many skincare experts have recommended using 100% cotton because of the fabrics breathability. This will help alleviate some of the trapped moisture within the mask. As always, the main concern is that you feel and that you are safe and comfortable.

2. Skincare

If you are starting to notice some new acne developing, maybe it is time to scale back and simplify your skincare routine. If possible, wash your face when you return home with a gentle non-soap cleanser or micellar water.

Be careful not to overwash! As overwashing can dry out your skin causing it to produce more oil - which could get trapped in your mask and create a never ending cycle. Remember, balance is key. You can try using a mild moisturizer before putting your mask on. This will help reduce some of the friction from your mask.

3. Makeup

Best thing you can do right now is to not use any makeup products. Give your skin the space to breath, especially the areas under your mask. Or at the very least, remove your makeup as soon as you are able, so bacteria does not stay on your skin for too long.

4. Diet

Your diet will always play a role in your skin. Indulging in processed foods and not drinking enough water can hinder your skin’s health. Try and drink at least 2 litres of water every day and maintain a healthy balanced diet.

This post was written by Bethany (@britinthesix). Follow her on Instagram for more great content, and check out our other blog posts for other helpful tips and tricks.

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