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Muscles & Femininity

This almost feels like a dated topic to be writing about. But it is still common that we hear people say to woman -  “if you lift heavy weights, you will look bulky or masculine”.

For many of us, it’s much more than a means to mold and shape your body, it’s a type of therapy! It’s all about that moment for yourself - to fight the stress and clear your mind. Sometimes your body is begging you to go absolute beast mode in the gym, sometimes you just feel compelled to lift heavy and feel that intensity.

Are you going to hold yourself back because somebody made you afraid of heavy weights? Absolutely NOT!!! We need to understand that the muscle growth process is way more complex than the fat loss process. "Bulking up" is not going to happen with one heavy workout.To grow muscles you need to lift heavy and operate with intensity in every workout, you need to be on top of your diet and stay in a surplus while lifting.

Heavy weights and a healthy balanced diet will shape your body. Feeling strong will give you confidence, and will let you carry your muscles. For me, my muscles make me feel my sexiest version of myself. They contribute to my femininity, they don't take away from it!

Lift with passion and you won’t regret the results.

Thanks for reading!


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