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Outdoor Workouts 101

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

After three months of at-home workouts, we are all itching to get back into the social aspect of group fitness. Luckily for us, we can come together (physically distanced of course) as we get our sweat on.

Make sure to follow these tips below to make your outdoor workout as safe and comfortable as possible...

  • TIP 1: Make sure you feel up to it:

First things first, do you feel well enough to come and workout? Ask yourself the question and be honest with yourself. We are so eager to see you, however do not feel pressured into rushing back. We want you to feel comfortable and 100%.

  • TIP 2: Bring only the essentials:

Remember you are travelling to a park outside, an open space.... So what should you bring? A water bottle, your own mat (if you'd like), and pro-tip: wear clothing with pockets to keep your phone and keys in. Keep things lightweight and rethink what you can leave in your car or at home!

  • TIP 3: Sun protection is a must.

Even though we are having fun in the sun, make sure you protect yourself from those strong UV rays. Apply sunscreen before leaving the house and wear a hat. If you're a sweater, bring a small hand towel to help you wipe the sunscreen and sweat out of your face as well ;)

  • TIP 4: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

In the summer sun, a water bottle is ESSENTIAL! It is so important to drink water and drink it often. There are many reasons why you should be hydrating: you are outside, the hotter air, the loss of water from your body via sweat. You need to hydrate!

  • TIP 5: Don’t be a hero.

You are working out for one person and one person only...YOU! You do not need to prove anything to anyone and you do not need to keep up with anyone else. The 60 minutes is for you, so take it at your own pace and listen to your body. Take breaks when you need and always ask for modifications when/if you need them.

  • TIP 6: Harmony has sanitized equipment just for you.

Harmony has personally sanitized every piece of equipment for you. You have personal items that will only be used by you during your workout. So all you have to do is show up. Harmony provides the trainers, programming, equipment, music, and safe space - you come to Workout. Hard. together again!

It has been a treat to get together with members of the Harmony community again, especially in the beautiful summer weather. Check out the summer outdoor schedule; Harmony has morning and evenings classes that will keep you sweaty, social (from a distance), and smiling this summer!

This post was written by Bethany.

Follow her on Instagram for more motivational and relatable content!


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