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Quarantine: Finding your New Normal

Don’t forget about your mental wellbeing too.

Weeks into social distancing and quarantine and we are slowly getting into our new routines, however that looks like for us. We have navigated through working from home, lining up for groceries, virtual play dates and even the at home workouts. Although, have we really figured out everything, especially when it comes to our mental health.

Over the past month we have all experienced varying degrees of normal to abnormal reactions to the news, the information and people’s responses. In any times of high stress or anxiety it is important to safeguard your mental wellbeing. This more than ever is easier said than done.

With current events it is normal to be sad, angry, confused or scared right now, and unfortunately the uncertainties are not getting any clearer with time. Take the time to talk to people about these emotions, either friends, family or people that you trust. Voicing your emotions allows you to fully explore them, and perhaps learn that you have these in common.

As we are all physically distancing, we may feel bored, frustrated or isolated. But we can maintain some form of routine during this period. Incorporate similar attitudes in your regular day to day life like: diet, similar sleep pattern, exercise and social contact with loved ones. Technology has truly made our lives accessible and helped the transition in various ways. Even though we have adapted, consistency will help.

Know your personal limits with information. With the news and information being easily accessible, we may get lost and overwhelmed. It is important to get credible facts to inform yourself to reasonably determine what precautions you and your family should be taking. Your situation could be different to your neighbour, your relatives etc. However with this being said if you ever feel agitation or worry, lessen your time with the information. Mute the notifications, change the channel, be honest with your own limit.

Allow time to explore fun activities like: baking, playing board games or puzzles or something as simple as colouring. These activities allow you to immerse yourself into them - the same way as we do when we work out. We can leave everything at the door and focus on the task in hand and allow ourselves to escape.

Overall, during this time, there is no pressure to be productive, or an opportunist. It is okay to cope with the situation however you choose. The small victories are still achievements, celebrate them. And above everything else: be kind to yourself because your mental health matters too.

Soon this will pass.

Stay healthy and safe everybody.

This post was written by Bethany.

Follow her on Instagram for more motivational and relatable content!


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