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Group Fitness: Strength in Numbers

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Over the past six months, we have gotten our workout fix through at-home written workouts, zoom/virtual classes, and physically distanced group classes in the park. We are so close to being back in the studio and with that will come the opportunity to get that extra push from instructors and peers in class.

Working out with a group of dedicated and hard-working people can push you beyond your own limits, and we’ve seen this effect since we’ve been working out together in the park. But there’s definitely something to be said about the energy, the music, and the vibes inside the studio. Read about the five key benefits of group fitness below, and what exactly contributes to creating that ‘feel good’ effect.


You are more likely to show up for a workout if others are happy to see you. Find a friend or a family member to do a class with. That way you can rely on each other to sign up, show up and motivate each other throughout the class!

Lots of Variety

Doing the exact same movements or exercises day after day can get boring. Having variety in your workout regularly will help you achieve your goals in a fun and exciting way. It’s always nice to challenge yourself with the basics (i.e. squats, curls, presses...), but new moves and new class formats can challenge you in ways you might not have thought about previously!


You do not need to create your own fitness program anymore - what a weight off your shoulders that is! Group fitness allows you to get the best workout possible and minimize the risk of injury. Best of all, the research and planning is already done for you, so whether you are a beginner or an avid gym goer, you can now leave all your stresses and worries at the door and just concentrate on yourself!

Inspiration & Motivation

Since you are moving and sweating with a group of people, you are more likely to work harder. The group approach encourages you to try your best to accomplish more in the given time frame. Another great aspect is the community feel. That motivation in a community atmosphere can help give you the push you need. It can help you stay that extra 10 seconds in a sprint or a plank, or even help you get those last few reps in.

Stress Release

Studies have shown that the combined effects of; group affiliation, social interaction, upbeat music, and focusing on yourself - which are all aspects of group fitness - can help you forget about your day-to-day worries and can help reduce stress significantly. There’s a reason that so many people refer to exercise as their form of therapy.

We can’t wait to get back into the studio again and feel these feelings again! If you can’t wait at all… meet us in the park to Workout.Hard. See our Mindbody schedule for more details and look out for our in-studio schedule - coming soon!

This post was written by Bethany (@britinthesix). Bethany is passionate about all things dance, fitness, lifestyle, and nature. Follow her on Instagram for more great content.

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